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You are visiting our site and reading this page probably because you’re a trusted decision-maker and budget-holder. Or, alternatively, a specialist who advises such people. And so you’re probably engaged in decisions to implement big changes. Possibly those will involve AI. Or Industry 4. Or both.

But what you are unlikely to do, or even want to do, is get your head around the minutiae of social media or artificial intelligence. Neither will you want to go to bed at night fretting over Mobile Page Speed or Content Optimization, Keyword Position Tracking Tools or Bots. Or dozens of other factors that, annoyingly, can easily make a difference between whether you’re in profit or loss. Because you haven’t got enough time in the day. And it’s not the best use of your skills.Industry 4

Having said this you’ll be savvy enough to realise that these drivers of revenue are sufficiently complex, even if they were not subject to change, to make an understanding of them mandatory for somebody in your business. Moreover, the pace of innovation makes the algorithms and policy-changes, the trends and technicalities, excruciatingly ephemeral. Nothing stands still for a moment. Yet the implications of such supposed advances for profitability can be so colossal that every 21st-century enterprise could easily justify, on paper, the hiring of whizz-kids who are in touch with developments in IT and familiar with what is relevant today. Agile minds that genuinely find such transient detail fascinating, minds that can comprehend how to harness it. Or how to outwit it.

NetTonic is in the vanguard here. We employ such intellects to be ahead of the game, to know what the next best thing is before it even happens, and to capitalise on the leverage that such specialist knowledge enables us to apply to your tasks.

I mentioned Industry 4. Of course ultimately that will be using Big Data, and NetTonic use Big Data for marketing, to achieve what is referred to as Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Industry 4 will involve not only intelligent production systems but, possibly, self-aware mechanisms. And it will do that by joining the dots (the dots being until-then isolated machines, workstations, sensors, networks, systems and skilled humans in locations that may ultimately be on different planets). So you can think of what we do, and that’s quite disparate but itemised and explained in our literature, as being part of the inevitable exploitation of information on a wave that will probably drown those who cannot ride it.

NetTonic is based specifically in Bedford, Bedfordshire and has worked hard to build a reputation supporting local and national businesses. We've positioned ourselves close to London, but not too far from any point in the UK where we can't easily travel. We love meeting our clients and potential clients face-to-face and offer a firm handshake.

We welcome you to contact our office, or check out the information below. We look forward to the chat.



Chris Wright

Managing Director

SEO, PPC Management

Over 15 years of experience assisting companies of all sizes to increase their brand awareness.

Oliver Wright

Account Manager

Social Media, Website Design

All things social media, Facebook Ads and Instagram Influencer marketing specialist.

Ben Searle

Social Media Consultant

All Things Social

Specialises in bringing different ways to benefit from social media and internet marketing.


Paul Dunwell

Content Consultant

Words are his gift

Paul originally trained as an infantryman then a teacher. He’s been a copywriter for almost 30 years. Educated to master’s level twice, he writes for almost every purpose and kind of client imaginable.

Zoe Taylor

Sales Administration

Keeps boys in line

All things admin

Nathan Hawkes

SEO Guru

SEO specialist provides insights into trends and best practices manages clients in UK and USA.

Pankaj Gupta

Technical Architect

Far too modest but a true coding genius specialises in bespoke and template websites but comes alive when he has an App to develop


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