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Setting up an interesting blog can reap numerous benefits and opportunities for your business. However, although blogging is enjoyable, it requires commitment and discipline. Blogs need regular updating, something you would notice in all of the most successful blogs on the web. The more posts you make, the more traction your website gets.

To keep a well-maintained blog, it is important to have a content schedule. A content schedule means the number of weekly blog posts you can commit to and your blogging goals. Once a week will suffice, but if you’ve determined that twice is more efficient, then carve out some space for two posts it in your timetable and be sure to deliver.

A key principle in search engine optimisation is to use long tail keywords, which are highly specific, targeted, less competitive keywords. Although they may not generate much traffic, you could get relevant visitors from them and enough sales conversions. If searched individually, long tail keywords have low search output, but if each ranks well, the combined volume is more than enough to produce conversions.

Blogs are useful in covering long tail keywords. Every new blog post is an opportunity to acquire traffic for long tail search, even when you don’t consciously concentrate on keyword optimisation. Blog content alone is enough for traffic and conversions. In fact, many bloggers (even professional ones) never realize the traffic potential of these keywords until their posts suddenly garner traffic from search engines.

Don’t make the mistake of using lots of keywords but really shabby content. New and relevant content keeps your readers coming back for more. Visitors who find your content interesting will share them to other networks. Make it a habit, too, to share blog content through social networking and voting sites such as Digg, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and Twitter. Whenever you and a visitor feature your content on a separate site, you create additional opportunities for inbound links, yielding maximum SEO results.

Fresh content also opens a door to your website for search engine spiders to crawl. Every time you upload a new post, search engines return to your site to index your pages. Regular indexing results to better search engine optimisation.

Blogging on a regular basis has tremendous benefits and endless possibilities for SEO. Examine your workload, then allot time to create fresh content every week. Be consistent and stick to your schedule. If you have decided that you will post a new blog twice or thrice a week, remember that your readers expect you to do so.

Chris Wright
Chris Wright
Managing Director of Nettonic Ltd a Bedford based digital marketing company specialising in helping businesses to improve their online brand awareness. Linkedin

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