Bedford Junior Blues RUFC

Junior Rugby Club providing rugby for boys and girls aged 6 -18 for over 30 years.

Bedford Junior Blues - Overview

Bedford Junior Blues Rugby Club came to Nettonic looking for a new membership website with a payment gateway and Ecommerce Shop. The site needed to provide a simple interface for parents and allow Team Managers, Coaches and Volunteers the ability to update age group pages and post match reports.


  • Bespoke Design.
  • WordPress Elementor Development.
  • Membership Payment Gateway with conditional logic linked to Google Sheets.
  • Woocommerce Online Shop facility with POS terminals.
  • Restricted Access Age Group Pages for easy updates.
  • Restricted Content Pages.
  • Events & News Sections.
  • Website Hosting, Site Security Monitoring, Maintenance & Updates.

Assigned user Member privileges

With a player membership in excess of 500 plus parents and supporters it was important for Bedford Junior Blues to have a robust membership facility. In addition a requirement to assign page access privileges for coaches and volunteers was a must have feature on their new website.

Member Registration

Membership & Payment facility

Bedford Junior Blues has a number of membership payment types these needed to be easy to use and have a facility for the Membership Secretary to check.

Nettonic provided a solution and was able to suggest the use of conditional logic that automatically wrote each payment to a master database using Google Sheets but also provide an additional facility where additional sheets were created filtered by age group. This provided Team Managers with sheets that captured data solely by their respective Age Groups

Member Payment
Google Sheet

Team Manager interface

A major requirement for Bedford Junior Blues new website was the ability to enable Team Managers to update their individual pages, upload fixtures and post-match reports without the need to send to a central site Webmaster. This facility would save time and also remove the need for multiple access to the entire site.

Nettonic were able to provide a solution using Advanced Custom Fields linked with User Privileges, the results:

  • Individual Age Group Team Manager Dashboard
  • Ability to edit content, upload images
  • Ability to edit Team Fixtures
  • Ability to post Match Reports
Team Page
Team Manager

the results

Bedford Junior Blues Rugby Club’s new website is much more engaging & interactive than the previous site, making full use of the company branding & advanced WordPress Website Design techniques.They are very pleased with it!

“HI Buddy”

You got a full thumbs up from the management committee. Everyone deemed it was an excellent job and well worth it.”
Kevin Breeze
Bedford Junior Blues
Linkedin Kevin Breeze