Bedford Not Just a Place Of Work

All work and no play makes workers lose inspiration! One of the advantages of being a web design agency company owner is that you can pick and choose the hours that you work. For me, it’s about blending my time between the office and social activities. Work is a passion but I like to think that there is more to life than sitting behind a desk all day. For me, where time allows, days are punctuated with Golf where I am able to combine meeting up with friends or business networking and giving time to one of my other passions namely Rugby. As a young lad and into my twenties I played at a reasonable standard. never good enough to play professional but the game gave me a good sense of discipline and the obvious benefits of improved health. As I got older friendships made were retained and when my son came was born my hope was that he would follow in his old man’s footsteps and take up the great game. With the help of a bit of nurturing, sitting down to watch the internationals and as he got a bit older taking him up the club, at the age of 5 he announced that he wanted to play Rugby. Sundays were going to be father and son time..he soon began to find his feet and almost as quickly I became involved in coaching. Coaching for me was so natural, an extension of my personality I had the ability to pass on not only my knowledge of the game but also pass on some of my business skills. At the time of writing this article my son is 22, he still plays for the club and while I stood back from coaching when he was 17 I took on more and more responsibilities on the management committee helping run Bedford Junior Blues. Giving back to a club that has served you so well as a volunteer gives me a great sense of wellbeing. Watching young boys and girls fulfil their dreams is important but also being part of the process that turns children into decent, respectful young adults, for me is very satisfying. Another important element that makes your time away from work so important, is that it provides a welcome break from any stress that may be associated with running a busy company. All too often we get embroiled in work, we take on the needs and demands of those that we look after. Client praise is great but we all know that the flip side is having to deal with clients who may be less satisfied. If you want to maintain your client’s trust you need to manage expectations. Compliments are always welcome but when an important customer starts to heap pressure on you, the results can be stress which can at its worse can consume not only your working day but also your domestic life. Having an active life outside work allows what concerns you may have be forgotten. The club is only also a short drive to the office which is perfect  

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