Eatalia Bedford

Eatalia is an intimate and traditional Italian restaurant located on Bedford High Street. They serve up the finest authentic Italian cuisine using only the freshest ingredients.

Eatalia - Overview

Eatalia came to Nettonic looking for a new website that would showcase the layout of their restaurant, information on their latest deals and specials and a facility where customers could make a reservation for dining. The site needed to to be simple enough for customers to navigate through whilst at the same time be able to look what would currently be on offer from the set meal plans.


  • Bespoke Design.
  • WordPress Elementor Development.
  • Website Hosting, Site Security Monitoring, Maintenance & Updates.
  • Integrated Marketing: Local & National SEO
  • Social Media Strategy and Implementation.

An online menu with complimentary images

It was important that we added each menu to the site that Eatalia had. By having this information on there, it allowed their potential customers to make an informed decision as to what they should expect when they dine there. We broke up the menus into different categories to make it easier for the customer to find what they were looking for.


the results

Eatalia were pleased with the final result. The website showed all of the information that they needed and gave a positive snapshot as to what it would be like to eat at their restaurant. The final product made use of the company branding & advanced WordPress Website Design techniques