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Given the fact that meta tags influence the snippet that comes up when a webpage is listed in natural search results, meta tags are imperative for the content on any website. Needless to say, they play a major role in shaping the content in a way that it attracts visitors from the Search Engine Results Pages or the SERPs.

Now that, you know, the importance of the meta tags, here’s how you can optimize these for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

1. Meta tags should be filled out as thoroughly as possible

Meta tags are the first introduction of your brand to the visitor and hence; it is advisable to use the maximum number of characters allotted. By and large, a page title can range up to 70 characters, a meta description up to 160 and the keywords tag should be a maximum of 10 phrases.

2. Meta tags should include target keyword phrases in a natural way

The keyword phrases should be strategically placed in the meta tags, such that it appears to be clearly written. This should be done in a way that all the allotted characters are well utilized. The keyword phrases should be put in a way that they look natural and not forced in order to seem attractive to the reader.

3. Meta description tags need to be compelling

A meta tag is not only a field to gain favourable SEO results, but also plays a major role in the formation of the snippet for the SERPs. Hence, the meta tag need to be written in the most compelling way possible. It won’t be wrong to say that a good meta description is based on the principles of SEO practices, as well as those of copywriting. A good tag can be achieved adding a call to action, using cliff-hanger’s to keep the reader hooked, and by making it simply irresistible to click.

4. Meta tags can be improved by the use of structured data

A rich snippet is an enhanced SERP listing that provides information other than the title tag and the meta description. A structured data field will help you create such a rich snippet, which will substantially increase the Click Through Rates (CTR) for your websites. This is because a person browsing through any SERP is more likely to get attracted to a result, which is accompanied by any additional information, be it an image, an industry specific data or just the number of people following you on Google+, than a normal search result.

So do not wait any longer. Go online and contact a SEO service provider today, and see the wonders that optimisation of meta tags does to your website in terms of both, the overall SEO valuation, as well as the natural CTR.

Chris Wright
Chris Wright
Managing Director of Nettonic Ltd a Bedford based digital marketing company specialising in helping businesses to improve their online brand awareness. Linkedin

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