Goodwills Solicitors

The Goodwills business has been in operation for almost 20 years and has provided Estate Planning services for clients all across the country. From humble beginnings, they have grown into a company that has prepared over 50,000 Wills and advised over 55,000 clients.

Goodwills Solicitors - Overview

Goodwills Solicitors came to Nettonic looking for a new website that would deliver their content rich services into small bit sized chunks of information so that it was easy enough for their potential customers so seek the correct service. The site needed to display their content and images, whilst at the same time, make it simple enough to navigate through so that visitors could effortlessly make an enquiry. 


  • Bespoke Design.
  • WordPress Elementor Development.
  • Website Hosting, Site Security Monitoring, Maintenance & Updates.
  • Integrated Marketing: Local & National SEO
  • Social Media Strategy and Implementation.

informative and easy to navigate through

We knew that the website that Goodwills wanted was going to be content dense, so it was a challenge to come up with a solution to display all of the necessary information whilst at the same time, having it look clean and concise. We created a drop-down menu and easy to navigate through tabs which broke the information into smaller bite sized chunks. 

Goodwills Revews
Goodwills Review

the results

Hugh and the rest of the team were pleased with results and the new website now acts as a perfect portfolio for its potential customers. This making full use of the company branding & advanced WordPress Website Design techniques