Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm

Google has planned to release an algorithm update on 21st April 2015, which is specifically designed for providing increased rankings advantage to sites which are mobile optimised. new-google-mobile-algorithmGoogle has confirmed that this initial algorithm is only going to affect mobile search results and will have no direct impact on desktop search, but this can change anytime.

“In an effort to help mobile searchers know which sites they may click on are mobile-friendly versus which ones are not, Google has added a text label under the URL in the snippet that reads “Mobile-friendly” as the first part of the search result’s snippet. Google said it can be a “frustrating experience for our mobile searchers” to end up on a web page that is not mobile-friendly, thus they are adding the label to their mobile search results to communicate this to the searcher.”

Since this is the first time Google has confirmed an algorithm release date, it presents an opportunity for mobile non-friendly sites to fix the issues and save themselves from the potential drop in rankings & traffic.

How Do You Know You Are Mobile-Friendly – Probably the easiest way would be to use the mobile-friendly testing tool however this has its limitations. In addition to this tool Google has started sending out messages to site owners through webmaster tools.

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