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When used correctly, Facebook can be an incredible means to promote your business. With its various applications and tools, the social media marketing site has made advertising an easy task. Below are some of the ways to use Facebook as a venue for growing your business.

Advertise with Facebook Ads. Raise brand awareness and increase your business’ recall by using Facebook Ads. The process is easier than setting up an account in Adwords, and you could raise a campaign or create a headline, ad copy, and brand image within minutes. You can choose to target only a specific population with the demographic targeting tool. The best thing about it is, you only pay when someone clicks your ad.

Use Facebook Apps. Apps, or applications, increase audience interaction with your business brand. Have your customers play a game or two, or allow then to support your business’ campaign cause. Within a few minutes, you can have an app up and running in your Facebook page. Apps may be customized or semi-automatic, depending on your needs and preferences.

Create a contest through Facebook. Contests are an easy way to gain instant readership.Who doesn’t want giveaways and freebies? Start a contest, and make it as interactive and as fun as you can. Ask Facebook members to like your page, submit photos, leave comments, and share ideas for a chance to win a prize. Facebook is equipped with nifty, easy-to-use tools for setting up contests.

Stage Facebook events. The “Events” tool allows you to promote events related to your website, including seminars, parties, get-togethers and shows that you will be attending. Who knows, someone from within your network might happen to be attending the same event!

Start a poll or a survey. With Facebook, you don’t need to hire a market researcher to know what your audience wants. The site is built with fun polling and survey applications that allow your readers to give feedback with a simple mouse click.

Share your recent blog entries. Keep your readers updated by syndicating your blog posts through network connections. This feature is easy to navigate and ensures automatic publishing of your most recent posts.

Feature links to press releases. Keep your clients in the loop with the latest news on your business. Try to keep it subtle, though. You wouldn’t want readers feeling like they’re being overly advertised to.

Chris Wright
Chris Wright
Managing Director of Nettonic Ltd a Bedford based digital marketing company specialising in helping businesses to improve their online brand awareness. Linkedin

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