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Nettonic is a Local Marketing Agency based in Bedford, we offer full online support to local businesses wanting to improve their brand reputation.

We provide companies of all sizes with the digital marketing services they need when it comes to internet marketing strategies including website design and development services.

Our marketing experts offer a diverse selection of online services to help you grow your business, including SEO for search engine optimisation purposes, digital display advertising in the form of Google Adwords campaigns.

What is local marketing

Google Local Pack SEO Marketing has helped businesses who have been traditionally hindered by the fact that they are located in a city or town that is too small to get sufficient attention. When somebody searches for nearby restaurants, hotels, or other localized things through Google Maps, they tend to want these personalized results and it can be hard to find those successful businesses that don’t advertise themselves enough online.

Earning high placement on the search results page is a big deal in today’s economy. More than half of all Google Maps users will perform local searches and when they do, it is essential that those businesses have the highest possible placements if their goal is to see increased profits.

Local SEO from Nettonic will help your business achieve top listings within the local search SERPS for both desktop and mobile devices.

Local digital marketing strategies

Local Marketing Strategies are becoming more and more popular as traditional advertising is being pushed to the wayside by today’s consumers. It can be hard for small businesses in particular, but efforts put into a solid local marketing strategy will pay off tenfold. Here are a few areas to work on:

  • Claim and optimise your Google My Business listing
  • Localise the content on your website
  • Claim your local listing third-party websites and directories
  • Start Local SEO
  • Get Social
  • Be active in your local community
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Local Marketing Ideas

  • Target local markets by utilising social media marketing to spread the word about your services.
  • Create daily blog posts that are specific to a geographical area or service, for example: “Bedford’s Best Cleaners”
  • Communicate with other businesses within the same field, this could be achieved through attending networking events together and arranging joint promotions with them via email marketing or direct mailings.
  • Promote these ideas further by sharing on Facebook pages related to local small business communities such as Bedfordshire Business Network.
  • Become a local sponsor for local events or activities.

Why use a digital marketing agency

Local marketing agencies play an integral part to your company’s success because they understand the local market. They have experience with what customers in the area are looking for and how they prefer to be advertised. If you want a company that fits into your community, hire a local agency so when it comes time to grow, you can continue serving your customers

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About Nettonic Ltd

Nettonic is a Bedford based web design company, helping local Bedfordshire businesses and national companies with their online digital marketing.

We’ve positioned ourselves close to London, but not too far from any point in the UK where we can’t easily travel. We love meeting our clients and potential clients face-to-face and offer a firm handshake.

Nettonic is more than website developers; we are an agency specialising in digital marketing and fully committed to helping local businesses grow their brand.

If you would like to talk to us about Digital Marketing a new website or any of our services including email marketing and eCommerce solutions please do not hesitate to call our phone number is 01234 261385. We based in Bedford inside Bedford Heights, Brickhill Drive.

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