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Nettonic is a Local Marketing Agency based in Bedford, we offer full support to local businesses wanting to improve their online presence.

We provide companies of all sizes with the digital marketing services they need when it comes to internet marketing strategies including website design and development services.

SEO for search engine optimisation purposes; digital display advertising such as Google Adwords campaigns; pay-per-click management (PPC) on platforms such as Facebook sponsored ads or LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads etc.; web analytics consultancy; content creation consulting – copywriting, blog writing & video production etc.

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What is local marketing

Local businesses have had to rely on word-of-mouth in the past, but Google local pack SEO Marketing has changed this dynamic allowing local focus. In our digital world, prospective customers often use Google Maps as their starting point when they’re looking for goods or services not too far from where they are at any given time. When someone searches for local recommendations for restaurants or hotels or other personalized items, it can be hard to find those successful business owners who don’t market themselves online deeply enough.

Earning high placement on the search results page is a big deal in today’s economy. More than half of all Google Maps users will perform local searches and when they do, it is essential that those businesses have the highest possible placements if their goal is to see increased profits.

Local SEO from Nettonic will help your business achieve top listings within the local search SERPS for both desktop and mobile devices.

Local digital marketing strategies

Local Marketing Strategies are becoming more and more popular as traditional advertising is being pushed to the wayside by today’s consumers. It can be hard for small businesses in particular, but efforts put into a solid local marketing strategy will pay off tenfold. Here are a few areas to work on

Claim and optimise your Google My Business listing

Our number 1 tip and a must-do. A well optimised GMB listing, with online reviews and local awareness ads, will help you get the most out of everything that comes with having a local listing including increased visibility, better search engine rankings and more customers.

GMB Digital Marketing

Localise the content on your website

A localised website ensures that your web content will resonate with local consumers and give you an edge on staying ahead of your competition! Good quality content is an essential part of this strategy.

Claim your local listing third-party websites and directories

Local Businesses that want to improve their online presence and improve foot traffic in their local area, should utilize third-party websites, directories, and review sites. Ensure that your Nap is consistent: Business name, address with your contact information and your position (Business address, physical location).

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Start Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of boosting your rankings on search engines by optimizing web content, links, images and other elements to attract a local audience. This helps you rank higher in Google searches for keywords that are relevant to your business or service area.

Get Social

As a local business, you want to create or have an online presence and build visibility. Social Media marketing is the perfect platform for this! Nettonic provides full support to local businesses wanting to improve their online presence via social media marketing.

Be active in your local community

Network with other local business owners, join organisations or clubs attend events, support local good causes. This will help build a positive reputation for your company in the community which can then translate into improved online visibility for your services.

Local Marketing Ideas

  • Target local markets by utilising social media marketing to spread the word about your services.
  • Create daily blog posts that are specific to a geographical area or service, for example: “Bedford’s Best Cleaners”
  • Communicate with other businesses within the same field, this could be achieved through attending networking events together and arranging joint promotions with them via email marketing or direct mailings.
  • Promote these ideas further by sharing on Facebook pages related to local small business communities such as Bedfordshire Business Network.
  • Become a local sponsor for local events or activities.

Why use a digital marketing agency

Local marketing agencies are important to any company, big or small. The local digital marketing agency is the one that has a deep understanding of the needs and wants of their client’s local customers. They know what those people care about in terms of products and services that they use on a regular basis. Local marketing agencies have an advantage over national companies because they understand the community itself: its needs, desires, interests, etc…

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About Nettonic Ltd

Nettonic is a Bedford based web design company, helping local Bedfordshire businesses and national companies with their online digital marketing.

We’ve positioned ourselves close to London, but not too far from any point in the UK where we can’t easily travel. We love meeting our clients and potential clients face-to-face and offer a firm handshake.

Nettonic is more than website developers; we are an agency specialising in digital marketing and fully committed to helping local businesses grow their brand.

If you would like to talk to us about website design, a new website or any of our services including email marketing and eCommerce solutions please do not hesitate to call our phone number is 01234 261385. We based in Bedford inside Bedford Heights, Brickhill Drive.
"We wanted to use a local Bedford Website Design Company for our new website as it keeps with our core values. Nettonic had amassed great reviews and after much research and advice, we contacted them. From the very first point of contact, they ensured that they listened to all our needs and helped us understand how everything comes together. Chris and Oliver were fantastic giving us a website we are so proud of. We highly recommend Nettonic to anyone and will also be using them for all of our other marketing and web design needs. Many thanks, Nettonic Awesome job."

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