Make Your Twitter Account Famous

Almost everyone now has a Twitter accounts, and your business should, too. But before you even start tweeting, there are some bases you need to cover.

Complete your profile

In order to be a successful tweeter, you need an informative profile. This is a chance to give a summary of yourself or your business. Provide important details and emphasize strengths here. Be careful which information you want to highlight and who will likely read your account. Project an image that is decent and interesting.

You location and URL should be included in your profile. Your audience should be able to locate you. Include a nofollow url from a popular site and you’ll receive an SEO credit for the link.

Upload an identifiable avatar

Your tweet is always associated with your avatar. Create branding for the profile you have. Your followers will associate you with your avatar. Choose an image that is recognizable even when reduced in size. You will want your followers to easily identify you and your tweets.

Include a custom background

Your Twitter background is a good chance to sneak in details about your business. A custom background gives additional information that will help your followers know more about you and how you work.

There are several services offered to those who do not have the resources to make custom backgrounds. Some offer a simple template for free; however, their logo will be plugged in your background. For a reasonable price, you can also have a background especially designed for you. Keep in mind that the background image you have should be in a size that will look right on different types of monitors.

An image of yourself or a business logo is important information you need to include. You can add a company summary and URLs to websites or social profiles related to your account.  Depending on your set up, the URLs in your background will generally not be clickable.

Update and be in the know

Once you have branded your profile, you are ready to stay connected. Follow people which you think might be potential customers. Read their tweets to learn what things they find appealing. Engage them by sharing links and information they are most likely to be interested in. Make sure that you get involved and respond to their tweets.

Chris Wright
Chris Wright
Managing Director of Nettonic Ltd a Bedford based digital marketing company specialising in helping businesses to improve their online brand awareness. Linkedin

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