Reputation Management Services

In the business world, your reputation is your credibility. A positive remark can add volumes to your sales, whereas a negative comment or an off-putting story can push you down the ladder of success. With a striking number of consumers going online to make purchasing decisions, it is imperative that your brand shines in a positive light. At Nettonic, we can help in controlling, managing and monitoring your reputation so that your credibility remains rock solid in the market.

Reputation Management On The Web

Reputation ManagementAs a platform to voice your opinion, the internet has bestowed huge power in the hands of all. A dissatisfied customer, a frustrated employee or a sour competitor can plant the negative comments online, which might tarnish your reputation and pull down the sales. These comments can not be removed, but with our sharp skills, we ensure that we bury them so low in SERP that they fail to create any impact on new visitors. Social media is another dynamic platform. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook has become an ultimate medium of expression for all. With direct communication and open dialogues brands are created and at times destroyed. Amidst these challenges, our online reputation management team ensures that positivity is channeled and negativity is kept controlled for our clients.

Our Strategy Is To Protect and Maintain Your ReputationReputation Management

  • Identifying negative search results – With more than 60 % people restricted to the first page results, we sieve the first few pages for the multiple-term search queries which might hint towards negativity.
  • Searching the sentiments – We comb top 50 results for the positive, negative or neutral sentiment. We ensure that the positive sentiments are brought to light while the negatives are pushed into oblivion.
  • Exclusive technology– Though Google keeps on altering its algorithm, our exclusive technology ensures that a few web pages are always, search engine friendly. Through professional production, optimisation and a network of strategically published Web properties utilising personalised domains, the positive comments are always made to appear prime in the SERP.
  • Tailor made solutions – With our experience, skills and technology as building blocks, we always develop a unique strategy for each client. A few cases might be simple, yet a few might display acute complexities, we ensure to craft a perfect plan, customized as per the case
  • Throughout support – We track search results for the entire duration of the campaign. A complete analysis is carried out and the clients are provided with an exhaustive and transparent report to understand the improvement in their online reputation.
  • Prevention – At Nettonic, we understand the value of time. Thus, we take preventive steps to nip in the bud, any negative comment. We strive to prevent every visitor from getting negative exposure for even a moment.

The Benefits of having an Experienced Online Reputation Management Team :

  • Improving your brand’s reputation
  • Improve Public Relations Channels
  • Improve Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase in new customer
  • Increase in Conversion Rates

The online reputation management services of NetTonic are geared towards suppressing misleading or inaccurate links and protecting your brand from online attacks. Believe us, there is no other wiser investment than ensuring your online credibility and authority.

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