Ecommerce SEO Services

Our professional eCommerce SEO service is distinctive in that not only does it drive traffic to your web site but also to your web store… that leads to business. In simple terms eCommerce SEO is the strategy of ranking an eCommerce website for an impressive number of keywords relevant to the products, brands and top categories. It is the key which has placed our clients on the pinnacle of the SERP for broad keywords like “cultured pearl sets”, “Megento themes” or the long tail terms like “Black Granite Fireplaces”.

Does my site need it?

If you have an online retail website and you truly want it to succeed, then ‘YES’, eCommerce SEO is a very necessary requirement. Most of the eCommerce sales originate from the organic search engine results, thus it is crucial to be visible on the top of the result pages to attract potential customers. The off line world stores have a host of marketing strategies to pull up their sales, but the online web stores have very scarce options in their kitty. These sites heavily rely on the PPC and SEO to survive in the highly competitive www market. To keep up with your competition, your website requires deep and specific SEO to help you sail through during even the toughest business time like a recession, off seasons and last but not the least the Google’s unpredictable updates.

In fact, for an eCommerce website its’ essential to add new customers via non-branded search besides retaining your current customers. The success of your web site depends on the potential customers finding your products through online search. Nettonic offers customized e-commerce SEO services to e-commerce businesses of all dimensions and across all industries. Our professional services can help you achieve optimum online presence and impressive conversion rate.

How are our services distinctive?

Nettonic leverages strategies which are targeted exclusively for the eCommerce web site to benefit you with impressive target traffic to your website, credibility to your business, enhanced sales and additional promotion for your special offers.

Our exclusive features

  • Turnkey SEO strategies for the web retail stores.
  • Strategies directed towards store promotion, exposure to the products on offer and an added exposure to your exclusive discounts and offers.
  • Leveraging coupon distribution to make the people familiar with your online presence.
  • Using social media, like creating eCommerce Facebook stores and eCommerce stores, for your promotional campaigns. These are two high sling strategies to attract new customers and generate new sales.
  • Manual social bookmarking of your web site pages for better visibility of your offered products.
  • Article publishing in leading directories for promotion.
  • Sending perfectly created press release to impart a powerful impression from your end and build your credibility.

Our SEO experts fully understand all the major e-Commerce platforms. It is a common knowledge that coding and construction of eCommerce website can negatively impact your rankings in the SERP, our experienced team knows how to tip the tables for you. We take pride in our skills and experience in the following eCommerce platforms.

  • Actinic
  • Magento
  • Zen Cart
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • WordPress

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team who will be happy to explain how you can harness the power of eCommerce SEO and help your online store achieve success.

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