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The truth about SEO is that not many local business owners are currently taking advantage of this great marketing tactic. In the competitive world of business, one of the best things you can do is have your website be optimised for keyword phrases that match your industry.

At Nettonic we offer what we believe to be the best service in the county. We may not be the cheapest but our record and testimonials speak for themselves.

We understand that every business is on a budget but we feel it is important to offer services that are a reasonable price and allow business owners to achieve their short term and long term goals more easily.

Having received an onsite inquiry from a local business today was all about meeting face to face, identifying his needs, explaining our services and to try and provide a solution that would meet his expectations.

I never know quite know which way is best to pitch to new clients, no two are ever the same and I have learnt over the years that the best way to go is to identify their pain quite early on.This tends to focus their minds on the reason why I was there to sell our services.

I had been able to do some initial research using our in-house tools which did actually confirm that his online business was in the dark with regards to traffic. His niche “replacement windows and doors” was also highly competitive I was just hoping he was going to be realistic about what any SEO company could do.

Two ears one mouth was said to me a long time ago by my father and that has always been my initial tactic when meeting a client. let them do the talking, let them talk for as long as they want without interruption and only when they stop is it my signal to look down at my notes, pause, scratch my head and say those words that are music to his ears….”we can certainly help!”

For this particular client, the main problem was that although the site which was fairly modern and aesthetically pleasing it had lack authority as a result of becoming static. No content updates, no new images, no videos, no social interaction.  Obvious to me but also obvious to the search engine bots that visit sites to gauge the quality of the site compared to his competition. Sites that become static start to be ignored by the bots and when this happens you will never get ranked.

So for this client the solution was clear…if he wanted to improve his authority and by association, his rankings he needed to first identify what his typical client wants then provide this in the form of rich content, how to guides, images and videos. There were quite a few technical issues that needed to be corrected onsite. A move to an SSL certificate was essential but that was a quick fix.

“Great,” he said “is that it when can you start” …unfortunately I explained that was only part this process needed to be monthly and in addition, there was the need to build backlinks from relevant sites.

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