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The escalator of Social Media Marketing

I heard a great phrase the other day, have you ever walked up a downward- moving escalator? As you will know, it’s not the same as going up a regular staircase. You have to not only work a lot harder to travel the same distance, but you also can’t afford to stop moving forward. If you stop moving, stop taking those steps forward, then the escalator will gradually take you down to the bottom. All you had to do was stop stepping forward, this sound familiar? Now try comparing this analogy to your social media marketing. Ever feel that you are stepping against a current that wants to pull you down? Well if you are not careful, you will end up at the bottom. What steps can be taken to avoid ending at the bottom?

Keep moving. Sounds simple, right? Well……it is, at least this part. You just need to keep moving one foot in front of the other. Never stop moving, “keep on keeping on,” as they say. There is one problem to this though, if you are only taking one step at a time, then you will most likely stay in the same position.

Increase the pace. What is the number one way to get to a location quicker? That’s right, increase the pace! You need to be a lot more proactive on your social media sites and not be a passive observer. Start posting and interacting more. Start becoming a presence rather than a stationary observer.

Take larger steps. Time to stop taking those baby steps and start walking with the big boys; this is a little bit harder than increasing you pace. You need to start using new materials and sending your message out through new and all channels. Be willing to try something new. With larger steps, you also need to be willing to take risks. You need to be willing to fall and fail from time to time. As said in the awesome movie, “Batman: Begins”

Chris Wright
Chris Wright
Managing Director of Nettonic Ltd a Bedford based digital marketing company specialising in helping businesses to improve their online brand awareness. Linkedin

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