start my day in bedford with a dog walk

My lifestyle dictates schedules, being organised some would say is a condition somewhere on the autistic scale, well if it is then count me in, without it my life would be turmoil and chaos.

Like most days our routine springs to life around 6 am our new addition Freddie the Weimaraner wakes up and wants attention. At the time of writing this piece, Freddie has just transited from puppy to a full-on mad adolescent bundle of joy. To say he has energy is an understatement if it could be harnessed it would power a small town.

One of the downsides of being a website designer, and I love every aspect of the job and all marketing has to offer, is that there is a danger of becoming sedentary. Not me, routine kicks in and the day starts around 7:30 am when Freddie takes me for a walk around one of his favourite places. For him, it’s an opportunity to let off steam, for me, it’s a time of quiet reflection about work for the day and life in general.

My destination today was Priory Country Park just off Barkers Lane in Bedford. The Park sits alongside the Great River Ouse and was established in 1977 built around a number of old gravel pits. Awarded Green Flag status by Keep Britain Tidy, in recognition of its high quality,  clean and well-maintained area where visitors are welcome.

Priory Country Park is predominantly for people to enjoy natural beauty alongside stunning wildlife. There are habitats from meadows to reedbeds, quiet walks for all, fishing, boating, play areas and bird hides.

The drive from where we live to the park takes less than 5 minutes if traffic is kind. Today it was, so after pulling into the ample car park, empty apart from the vehicles of a few like-minded persons, we set off taking the clockwise route around the main lake, armed with his lead a few treats and iphone set to listen to my current album of choice.

Its November, so a bit fresh, to say the least, but after looking around at the beauty of Autumn fall, the chill in the air soon evaporated. 

One of the reasons for going to this particular Bedford Park is that visitors are almost 100% dog-friendly. The area is built around the consideration for human and animal needs. A canteen for a refreshment stop, benches to watch the world go by and admire the views, waste disposal areas, they have just got it right! And if you want to get away from the main tracks there are quite hidden areas to explore. That said if Freddie could talk he would tell you that there is one area that tops them all..the beach.  

When we first introduced Freddie to water it was hilarious, it was like watching a child learn doggy paddle, head above water and splashes galore. Today watching him rush to the beach and run straight into the water oblivious of the cold was a joy to watch. Knee deep he turns looks at me and demands I throw his ball a sequence we repeated for the next ten minutes.

Two hours later, dog dry, warm and fed, I get back into my car and trace the usual journey to work.

A great way to start my day…where shall we go tomorrow Freddie.

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