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How you rank on a search engine results page (SERP) can really affect your success, whether in selling a product online or in disseminating certain information. SERP is the ranked listing of different web sources and pages returned by specific search engines such as Google. These results are in response to the keyword query that internet users input. They include web pages with the same titles as the keyword query, as well as keyword matching on content. Search engine optimisation (SEO) through keywords is important when it comes to ranking high in SERPs, but how ‘sticky’ your page is to readers and web users really affects how high you rank in these pages.

Effective search engine marketing can be achieved by ranking high on SERPs since users would not usually browse through the second, third, or fifth pages of search results. Getting to that top 3 through 5 slot can be tricky, and rankings are not only based on SEO but on the frequency of visits and the time that users spend on a result.

Analytics software such as Urchin and Google Analytics are great tools for tracking your website traffic as well as your search engine marketing effectiveness. They are powerful tools that let you analyze your website statistics and traffic, among other features that can help you strengthen your site and your website marketing strategies.

There are certain methods that search engines like Google may use to track your website’s stickiness, and in turn determine your rank in SERPs. The first is measuring the users that come back to the SERP, and in turn, the time spent at a specific result. Second, use analytics solutions (Urchin and Google Analytics) to track traffic and other website statistics.  Third, measure ranking via the search engine toolbar. User activity in relation to your pages, how long readers stay on your site (or how often they link to it) and things of the like really pull weight when it comes to your ranking. Analytics tools are great resources to help you perform better in search engine marketing, as they let you pretty much predict the movement and the progress of your site.

Chris Wright
Chris Wright
Managing Director of Nettonic Ltd a Bedford based digital marketing company specialising in helping businesses to improve their online brand awareness. Linkedin

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