The Crossover Between Website Design And Marketing


Marketing has so many strands that it’s easy to forget where they actually lead. Companies spend a lot of money on paid search results, social media and more, without stopping to look at the actual website their customers arrive at.That’s why the role of web designer is so tied into marketing; here are three key areas that demonstrate this idea.

Designer and location

Picking your web designer is the first step. This choice influences the direction of your website’s visual appeal and navigation. A lot of miscommunication can be avoided by going local! We offer website design in Bedford, for example, which for local clients means clear communication and personal attention.

Choosing a local team cuts down on lead times and strengthens your brand by having a little inside knowledge. Using the same example, a Bedford company which does business locally needs to appeal to customers from that area, so a web design expert from Bedford has an instant head start.

Letting design work

Don’t be afraid to let your web designer do their job. They know how people interact with sites. Remember that marketing doesn’t stop once visitors arrive at the website; a simple thing like having special deals on a top banner can convert a visit into a sale instantly.

Work with your designer to make your site aesthetically appealing and user-friendly. They will find ways to channel your marketing strategy into the site. Do your customers often come in from email marketing? Have your designer make a perfect landing page to keep them on site after they arrive.

Marketing and impact

Remember that these conversions come from the first impression your site gives. People will click email links, only to then close the site once they see it! This is why marketing has to be a process that continues throughout a visitor’s experience.

The value of a local web designer is clear when making that initial impact. Will a visitor see a friendly, local business, or will they see a faceless corporation? Does your website design match the tone and colour scheme of your print advertising?

Clearly, this is where the right web designer shines! The next time you hire a designer, think of your marketing needs and consider a local solution.