Top Reasons To Redesign Your Website In 2016


Having a well designed website is very important for the businesses and search engines. So, it is important to review your website from time to time and see if you need a website redesign. Here are some top reasons to redesign your website this year, brought to you by NetTonic Ltd-the leading company SEO Company in UK.
1. It doesn’t do anything for your business

Just building websites and forgetting about them will do no good to your business. Get a new website design this year and device new strategies to give a new boost to your business.

2. Its broken

If you frequently face broken links, 404 errors and non-displaying pages, then it’s time for website redesign. They are not just annoying, but also cost you money.

3. Visitors hate your website

If Google Analytics data reflect a high bounce rate, it is an easy indicator that your website is boring and visitors don’t find it interesting. Without a website redesign, it won’t be possible.

4. Poor User experience

Jumbled navigation and poor content is a recipe for confused visitors and loss of visitors. So, before it does a lot of damage to your business, get your website sorted and reorganised by calling NetTonic Ltd-the best company for affordable SEO services.

5. It is out dated and obsolete

Your website looks dull, old and unchanged for years. A website that has not been updated for years is a loss maker. Get it updated, alive to engage your visitors.

6. It’s slow

Poor coding, outdated platforms and non-optimised images, all add to the slow load up. It is very important to catch the attention of visitors in the first few seconds, a slow loading website will only drive your visitors away.

7. It is too gaudy

If your website is full of flashy gaudy graphics and overwhelming colour combinations then it’s time to talk to NetTonic Ltd’s experts for SEO services in London. You need to consider website redesign services to make your site welcoming and attractive.

Change is very important in today’s times, especially when it comes to the fast paced world of SEO marketing. An expert like NetTonic Ltd’s digital marketing experts can lead you on the right track with their effective and updated digital marketing strategies.

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