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When starting a new business one of the key considerations will be how to market your goods. With the ever increasing costs of high street locations, many are choosing to take their shop window away from the high street and online.

Making your presence online a strong one is important so how you are perceived by potential clients visiting your site must be taken seriously.

A frightening industry statistic is that a visitor landing on your site will take about 2 seconds to decide if to stay or go. If your potential customer clicks away then all that hard work and potential cost in getting him to buy from you will have been wasted.

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Website Design Packages


A professional informational website for your online business.
£ 350 Includes
  • 3 Pages
  • Template Design
  • SSL Certificate
  • Corporate Email
  • Google Optimised
  • Fully Expandable


A professional high quality designed website for your business.
£ 950+ includes
  • 5+ internal pages
  • Custom Design
  • SSL Certificate
  • Corporate Emails
  • Google Optimised
  • Fully Expandable


A professional website where you can sell and take payments online.
£ POA includes
  • By Package
  • Custom Design
  • SSL Certificate
  • Corporate Emails
  • Google Optimised
  • Fully Expandable

The core features of our Website Design Package

SSL Security

SSL security (https) included with every package we deliver.

Social Media Integration

We will connect your website to your social media accounts accounts


Make quick changes to your website with the intuative and very easy to use

Designed For You

Stand out from the crowd with a design of your choice.

Google Optimised

We ensure your site is search engine friendly and ready on day 1for indexing

Website Hosting

Secure super fast hosting from £15.50 pm available with all new builds.,

Quick Build & Launch

Normally we can get your first draft to you 5 working days.

Mobile & Tablet Optimised

We ensure that your website looks good accross all devices

Email Accounts

We will set up and connect your business email accounts

Website Design: Frequently Asked Questions

A bad website design is one that does not take into consideration the user experience. With the advent of fast connectivity and mobile devices it is important that websites are built with the customer in mind. Sites need to be responsive providing a fully adjustable style that adjusts accordingly to the device being used. Websites need to load quickly, studies show that sites that take longer than 3 seconds to open suffer a high bounce rate, check using Google Site Speed Tool. Aesthetics; ensure site is easy and simple to navigate, avoid clutter, follow industry best practices and guidelines.

Beautiful website design is about creating a fusion of functionality, site speed and aesthetics. It’s an elegant solution that meets the needs of the user on both mobile and desktop devices while looking gorgeous, and running smoothly and quickly. The aesthetics of the site are crucial to its success. Having a cluttered site is going to result in a poor user experience, that’s why you need a well set-out, minimalist, visually pleasing design. After all, a website is basically like a shop front. It needs to look elegant, beautiful and enticing, otherwise no-one is going to want to shop there.

Free website design isn’t really a thing. Sure, there are plenty of tools and systems out there that’ll allow you to produce a website for free, with relatively no hassle, but this kind of basic, free site is generally amateur looking, with a sub-domain name hijacking the HTML code. The whole point of decent website design is providing a unique vehicle for your business or aims online, and any free or budget service is going to struggle to accommodate that perfectly. If you want a minimal website design budget, you’d better forget the word design, because it’s never going to be bespoke to your needs.

Good website design is design that ticks all the boxes. This is a website that meets your needs as a business or an individual, to the letter. It provides the smoothest, easiest and quickest user experience, all while looking slick, professional and aesthetically gorgeous. You have to take into account the way the website is set to be used, and how the end user is going to interact with all the different elements, and it doesn’t hurt to build in some SEO-minded elements, to help the site rank better on Google and other search engines. In short, a good website design meets your needs, the user’s needs, and looks great.

Finding great website design examples is easy. Just take a look at some of your favourite sites, because nobody loves websites that look like they were developed in 1998. You don’t find good website design, you become aware of it when you’re smoothly browsing through a well set out site, quickly and easily finding what you came for, and maybe discovering something else along the way. The majority of the biggest and most popular sites on the net exhibit great website design, beyond that, go have a browse through some web design company’s sites, and you’ll see what’s truly possible.

Simple website design is always what you’re shooting for when creating or investing in a new site. No one sets out wanting to create an absolute rabbit warren of web pages that the end users struggle to navigate, and having messy, convoluted sites is not a good sign to Google when it comes to ranking. Sites should have clear and straightforward maps, and a no-nonsense uncluttered design, all geared towards allowing the smoothest, easiest and best end user experience. For instance, if you can’t find the purchase page for a product, how long are you going to spend looking before moving on to a better site?

A quick Google search throws up a huge range of different web design services and agencies, and the question quickly evolves from ‘where can I find a web design agency’ to ‘which is the right web design agency’. There are many different web design companies out there offering a variety of specialised and general website design, as well as offering a variety of other online services, like SEO. What it comes down to is finding the right web design agency for your agenda and budget, because when you’re building the perfect website for you or your business, you need an experienced, capable agency that understands your needs completely.

When it comes to web design certificates and qualifications, you’ve really got to remember that there are an awful lot of different courses available online, so unless the particular certificates in question are well respected or accredited, web design certificates can be kind of dubious. When it comes to either working as a web designer, or hiring a web design agency, the big thing you should be focusing on is portfolio, and existing sites, as well as reviews of the service. Web design certificates are not necessarily the yardstick of authenticity and skill they purport to be, so you should be wary of paying them too much attention.

Much like basically any company, web design companies can be both extremely profitable, and barely break even. As an industry website design is only going to keep expanding as the high street continues to die, and more and more shoppers go online. Thousands of new businesses are started every year, and every new business worth its salt needs a quality online presence and website. So you can extrapolate from that, with the majority of people not being particularly technically minded, that’s a lot of website creation work going around. You can charge a lot for high quality web design work as well!

When it comes to evaluating whether or not a web design course is for you, you’ve got to think about what you are looking to get out of it. Do you intend on becoming a full time web designer, or is just a step on the path for you? How big of a step? Knowing a little bit about web design can be hugely beneficial in the online world, but if it’s just a short course, you’re probably not going to learn enough to produce the kind of website that befits a larger, professional business. If you only intend on making a couple of sites, hire a web design agency or freelancer, if you intend on becoming a web designer, go for it.

When it comes to getting jobs and work as a website designer, there’s a couple of different avenues for you to go down. For one thing you’ve got to consider whether you want to work for an agency or go freelance? Obviously agencies can provide more consistent work, but get good at website design, develop a great portfolio and client base, and working freelance can be very lucrative and freeing. You could argue that by working remotely, you can apply for more jobs than a physical role could ever throw up, but then you’ve got all the problems of working from home. Everyone needs websites nowadays, it’s a solid industry to get into.

E-commerce website design is website design that is entirely focused on the creation of an online store. With the high street continuing to fade, and online sales and growth only growing, there a lot of online stores springing up all the time. E-commerce website design is focused on creating the perfect site to accommodate a customer, display a product and sales information, and accept their purchase. Without the right website design in this situation, you’re going to have trouble reaching the sales you’re aiming for. We’ve shopped online and came across poorly designed sites trying to sell us things. Generally it doesn’t go so well.

While professional website design is ideal, and will almost always result in the most elegant online solution for your business, sometime, perhaps as a smaller business or operation, you might need to design a site for free. In that situation, there are tonnes of fairly straightforward systems for designing and building sites, like WordPress, and plenty of online tutorials and guides to website design and building dotted around the net. You might not be paying in cash, but designing a quality site takes time, especially if there’s a big learning curve to conquer. It’ll take you a while, but you can build a quality website for free.

With so many of us carrying mobile devices nowadays, and with mobile browsing beginning to take over from desktop, if you’re designing a website, it makes sense to cater to mobile browsers. This is called responsive website design, it takes into account elements like screen size and shape, slower loading times, and easier touch-based navigation. Google has all but mandated responsive web design as being of huge importance, so much so that websites that demonstrably are more responsive perform better in terms of ranking and SEO. If you’re designing a site, can you really afford to neglect a big chunk of your audience?

When it comes to designing a website in HTML, you’ve got to bear one thing in mind before you start, coding a whole site, from scratch, in HTML is not the quickest, easiest or most efficient way to create a website. That being said, you can learn a lot from the experience. The main thing you need to focus on if you’re determined on embarking on creating a website in HTML, then you’re going to need to learn to code. And it doesn’t just end at learning HTML, in order to interact with lots of technologies and languages online, you need to know more than just HTML, but other coding languages besides. But don’t worry, there are plenty of online guide and tutorials, so it can definitely be done.

While there are better and quicker tools to design websites, you can use Photoshop as part of the design process. Some of the features within Photoshop allow you to arrange and plan aspects of the websites aesthetics, and play around with the overall look and design of the website. Aesthetics are hugely important online, especially within ecommerce. If your site is ugly, it basically means your shopfront is ugly, and can your business or company really justify that? Using elements of Photoshop, you can create and tweak an absolutely beautiful and functional site.

Designing a website in PHP can be an easier and more effective and efficient way of creating a site, while still simply using HTML language. PHP is capable of doing much more than just creating sites though, it’s a very effective coding language in its own right. You can create a very effective, stylish and functional website using PHP though, and learning it as a language can prove very rewarding. Like with any technical skill, a quick search on Google throws up a million different tutorials, guides and videos, meaning you can’t go too far wrong when it comes to putting together your first quality website in PHP.

Website layout is hugely important. Whatever the aim of the site, whether it’s an ecommerce site, a blog, or whatever, having a great layout is incredibly important, and should be a major focus when it comes to creating a site. Responsive and effective website layout is all about studying the ease of which users can move through and navigate the site, so you should utilise plenty of user testing and analysis. The other element of website layout is aesthetic. You need it to look pretty, it can’t be a cluttered mess, as that looks incredibly dated, and hard to navigate, to boot.

When it comes to sourcing a great web design company, it’s all about the portfolio and customer reviews. Find out how they interact with clients and how deeply they take their needs into concern. Looking over a design companies portfolio, and not just looking at the websites, but also how successful they are and what they’ve achieved through the site. If you’re looking at building your own website, you need to look at investing in some literature on building websites, make sure its up to date. If you’re on too tight a budget to stretch to buying books (which you might be, you are building your own site) then there’s tons of tutorials and guides online. Web Users.

When it comes to creating a new website, be it for your business or company, blog or even ecommerce site, one of the first stop that much of the net is going to point you towards is WordPress. WordPress can act as a great starting point when it comes to website design, lending itself well to function, elegance and easy design, as well as SEO. Through a huge range of plugins and themes available for free and paid, WordPress sites can perform extremely well, but bearing that in mind, they’re neither the cheapest, nor the best website building system out there. If you’re having difficulty building your WordPress site, there are tons of guides out there to make it nice and easy.

Website design is not a difficult skill to learn, although it does take a few years to be able to do it to a professional level, you can learn good enough web design skills in a few months. There are plenty of different programming languages to learn if you’re interested in a more detailed nuts and bolts approach, but options like WordPress can make things easier and quicker. Designing a website effectively breaks down into three key areas; design and planning, constructing the basic form, and building on the form and finalising. If you know what you’re doing it can become a pretty quick process, and with all the help online, pretty painless too.

Web design concepts are the different building blocks and concepts within web design. There are many different element and areas to quality web design, so many key concepts and ideas have sprung up. Ideas and concepts surrounding design, function, appearance, user navigation, SEO, mobile responsiveness, to name a few, That’s not even going into the closer elements and concepts of complete HTML coding a website, as that can end up being incredibly complex and tedious. In short, web design concepts are the ruling ideals and theories of how the perfect, and ideal, website should be constructing, and for what purpose.

Web design packages are frequently seen when perusing the websites of companies offering web design services. They represent a cheaper, package deal, offering a complete site, usually with a set number of page, among other things, for a set price. This means they can be an extremely affordable and practical measure when it comes to cheaply and quickly getting your businesses new site. However, they’re not great when it comes to bigger more expansive sites, or for businesses who are after more specific and bespoke elements in their site. For a simple site however, they work great, and can be very cost-effective.

Web design software is software designed to make the designing, creation and tweaking of websites easier, quicker and cheaper. Some companies like WordPress offer inbuilt web design software, allowing you to use their service as a one stop shop. Another element of this is the plugins and formats available to buy in certain web design software suites, allowing you to create a site that does more and different interesting stuff. When it comes to creating the right website for your business, getting it to match up perfectly to your need can sometimes be difficult, however, it can be done entirely by yourself if you pick the right web design software.

Website design elements are the different aesthetic and functional parts that go into a complete overall website design. Aspects like content management system, functionality, formatting, responsive web design, interactivity, multi-media content, all these are different web design elements that go into creating the perfect website for your business. There are a lot of different elements and angles you can introduce when designing and building a new site, and there’s no reason to ever feel limited. A modern bespoke website can absolutely do almost anything and everything a business can throw at it.

Website design features are the building blocks that make up and effective website, functionally and aesthetically. You could say that the website design features of any given website were: responsive design, easy navigation through clear layout, minimal clutter, engaging content, and many other things. The features of a website are what makes it worth visiting, and usable. When it comes to designing your website, in order to make sure you get all the various features and aspects you want, you should either hire some experienced web design freelancers or find a reputable company that can build you the website you need.

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