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When giving consideration to a new website one of the most important aspects will be how you control the content that is placed on your site.
Not so long ago web masters were the only persons deemed responsible enough to play with the content on your site as this process involved direct access via your sites FTP hosting. This was fine as ultimately they had control over the appearance and thus all you needed to do was forward the changes and they would oblige. However, depending on how busy your local web designer was even the correction of a typo could take days and worst of all if your changes impacted on their time a subsequently hourly rate invoice would be an unwanted consequence.

In line with industry best practice, NetTonic only provide websites with fully integrated Content Management Systems (CMS). Whether you choose to have your platform built using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or use our bespoke in your back office will be easy to use and fully expandable.

So what is a web content management system in brief it is a process engineered to simplify the publication of Web content to Web sites, in particular allowing content creators to submit content without requiring technical knowledge of HTML or the uploading of files.

NetTonic’s Website Content Management System

Content Creation: is provided by our simple to use WYSIWYG platform enabling you to upload written text and images and place within a design style of your choice. Full hyperlink control is one of the many features allowing you to create internal page content structure

Blog/News capabilities: with RSS are a standard feature with the ability to display articles via internal pages or by way of updating extracts on home page. For more advanced users the addition of a type module can be added which offers a number of free add-ons.

User Access/Security: If you want a CMS your employees/customers/clients can trust you will need a whole variety of security measures. Audit trail, Captcha, content approval, email verification, several different types of authentication protocols, login history, sandbox, session management, SSL compatibility (logins and pages) are all available.

Performance: of any content management system is a vital, though largely behind-the-scenes component. Our CMS contains advanced caching, database replication, load balancing, page caching and static content export capabilities

SEO Module: gives full access to the site owner allowing for the editing of meta title, meta description’s and meta keywords.

E-Commerce: if you are looking something with advanced publishing capabilities as well as expandable commerce components you can check here and see if your potential CMS offers them. Affiliate tracking, inventory management, pluggable payments, pluggable shipping, pluggable tax, point of sale, shopping cart, subscriptions are some of the many features available.

Ease of Use: whether you are a blogger, developer or designer ease of use is probably the most desirable feature. Our CMS offers simple functionality including friendly URLs, image resizing, spell check, style wizard to name but a few.

Support: NetTonic are continually developing our software and as such updates to core and component code will be made available. Every client will be provided with website design services support.


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