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A comprWebsite Auditehensive SEO Audit is designed to provide a complete snapshot of the state of health of a given website to ensure that the customer can build a solid foundation for future online marketing efforts, maximize return on investment and improve natural search rankings. An SEO-Audit report covers a broad spectrum of a variety of different aspects, such as technical state of health of the website, search algorithms, internal optimization, link building structure, as well as a variety of behavioural factors.

The actual report is comprised out of six distinct areas being covered, which are scrutinized and assessed in the report. General requirements to complete the audit are described in the "Product Descriptions" section of this document. This section also provides a detailed checklist on required items to be submitted prior to initiating an SEO Audit (search engine analytics accounts, hosting access, and other statistic information).

It is important to acknowledge that a completed SEO Audit does not serve as a Technical Assignment/RFP that may be distributed to contractors or any other relevant parties, but should rather serve as a starting point to outline all of the pertinent information about the website’s key aspects that is usually provided to website designers, content managers, webmasters and other technical experts.

The key purpose of SEO Audits is to prepare a comprehensive report that covers virtually all of the aspects that are hindering or preventing the website from accurate ranking on the world's leading search engines, as well as provide detailed recommendations on how to remedy these problems. The website also gets benchmarked against selected competitors for a range of important SEO factors to help gauge the website’s competitive position. NetTonic offer a free website audit to all potential clients, please see example SEO-Audit-MasterV1

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