Web Design Luton

Ben Porter
Ben Porter
26. March, 2024.
Nettonic have been fabulous to use. They built our new website from scratch, working tirelessly to meet our deadline which they were able to meet. Both Chris and Olly have helped with loading products, mapping pictures to products, helping with our SEO plus much more.. Thanks for your help guys
Hasan Arar
Hasan Arar
10. February, 2023.
Thanks for everything
Akragas Photography
Akragas Photography
15. February, 2022.
Chris has provided an exceptional service having helped rebuild my website in no time at all. His knowledge, expertise and guidance has given me a faster and fully functional website. I would recommend Nettonic to anyone who wants a personable experience as communication has been excellent. Highly recommend.
Po Chan
Po Chan
3. August, 2021.
My website hosting was due, and to renew with the current company would cost me over £300 annually. After looking at many options and speaking to a number of companies, Chris at Nettonic was outstanding. We encountered many obstacles from corrupted files to unable to transfer email data but as we approached the deadline, Chris successfully migrated all that I needed (although we are still tweaking but this feels OK, as it feels like my website is being looked after). Thank you Nettonic
Chris Gee
Chris Gee
24. June, 2021.
Chris at Nettonic optimised our local SEO and Google My Business Listing. We are now in the Googe Map Pack for our key word searches.
EL Logistics
EL Logistics
4. May, 2021.
As a new startup, it was important to have someone who is able to help resolve issues as at when needed. We had a positive experience and our site builder was very helpful. Happy to support a local business (Bedford).
Tom Kenney
Tom Kenney
23. April, 2021.
I heard about Nettonic via word of mouth - I needed a rebuild of a website I did myself.. despite having made several over the years, I felt I needed something better for my business. I predominantly dealt with Olly Wright, mostly via telephone and a few visits. Everyone that saw the new site commented on how much better it was - he was quick to respond and available at very short notice, without issue. I've not used any other services - I believe there are cheaper ones out there, however you get what you pay for - and I wouldn't want anything more or less. Olly was able to help me with all aspects of webdesign and online sales / business - online payments, booking forms, important tools for reviews (that I didn't even know existed). They offer more services (social media, advertising etc - as my business grows I'd be sure to use them - based on their professionalism and expertise. 10/10.
john martin
john martin
15. March, 2021.
We wanted to use a local Bedford Website Design Company for our new website as it keeps with our core vales. Nettonic had amassed great reviews and after much research and advise we contacted them. From the very first point of contact they ensured that they listened to all our needs and helped us understand how everything comes together. Chris and Oliver where fantastic giving us a website we are so proud of. We highly recommend Nettonic to anyone and will also be using them for all of our other needs. Many thanks Nettonic Awesome job.
Pino Caute
Pino Caute
21. November, 2020.
Excellent service, prompt answer s and assistance great job , thanks Nettonic and Oliver

Web Design Agency Luton

Nettonic, as a professional Design Agency, has a good understanding of how to lend support to businesses looking for powerful online solutions and web design. We have been providing Web Design Services and have developed a large number of websites for business organizations operating in and around the Luton area. If you opt to partner with us, we will work towards building a robust online presence for your local business that will help it grow further.

Nettonic provides its clients with a variety of options when it comes to design. We have over 10 years of experience in designing websites of different sizes, ranging from basic WordPress templated sites to those that require a personalised look and bespoke coding. While designing a new website, we ensure that it has strong security features, respects user consent, represents the brand correctly and is user friendly.

Free consultation

Designing Websites for Luton Businesses

At Nettonic, we are of the firm opinion that one size does not fit all. When we engage with companies looking for web designing services, we take the time to listen to their brief carefully and try to get a good understanding of their requirements.

Whenever a client approaches us to make a New Website Design in Luton, we realize it is important to spend some time talking to them and arrive at an understanding of how they function before we go about designing a new website for them. We try to understand the work you do, how you do it, what kind of customers you deal with, what your long-term goals as a business owner are.


SSL Security

SSL security (https) included with every package we deliver.

Web Design For You

Stand out from the crowd with a design of your choice.

Google Optimised

We ensure your site is search engine friendly, search engine optimisation

Content Management

Make quick changes to your website with the intuitive and very easy to use

Social Media Integration

Connect your website to your social accounts

Web Address & Hosting

Secure hosting from £10 - £15pm and web address available with every package.

Quick Build & Launch

Normally we can get your first draft to you 5 working days.

Mobile & Tablet Optimised

We ensure that your website looks good across all devices

Frequently asked Website Design questions

Whether you are an established organization in Luton or one that is just starting out, you will get the best possible service from Nettonic. There will be no differentiation based on the size of the organization or how long it has been around.

Whatever your web design objective is, we will work with you as partners in the process of designing the site. While doing so, we will also make it a point to adhere to deadlines and try to finish the project as quickly as possible so that you can provide your customers with detailed information about your products and services through the site. During the web design and development stage, it is imperative for the agency and the customer to communicate regularly and effectively with each other.

This is extremely important as any client or customer based in the Luton area should feel comfortable enough to reach out to the developer if they wish to implement any amendments or changes to the web design at any point. We will do the best we can from our end but we would also require your feedback at every important stage.

Website development does not stop when a site is launched, some web designers will just move onto their next website project, work with Nettonic and we will help promote Luton Businesses and your services online.

There are many companies that put together a site quickly using an automated plugin. A good agency, however, will never resort to such measures. An agency that takes its job and the requirements of its clients seriously will engage qualified professionals to do the needful which would take hours or even days to accomplish.

The total cost involved in putting together the website design largely depends on what you expect us to do. Designing a basic brochure site would only take a couple of hours and minimal costs. However, if you are looking at building a high-end site comprising of a plethora of internal web pages and multiple styling options, the process will take a lot more time.

The number of hours or days taken and the efforts put in putting together the final version of the website will be an indication of the overall costs.

Most people believe that a well-designed site will be as easy to view and navigate on smartphones and tablets as it is on one’s desktop computer screen.

This notion is true but only to a certain extent. An attractive web design and responsive web design are two different things. A lot of times web design agencies manage to build an attractive site but it does not prove to be very functional.

While designing a website, the priority of the developer should be to ensure that it works equally well on multiple devices and delivers a satisfactory user experience.

In 2021, a newly designed algorithm called Core Web Vitals will be used extensively to gauge user experience. This algorithm takes into account several areas pertaining to the user experience like visual stability, page loading and the speed at which the website or the web pages respond to the user’s actions.

These days, a large number of people browse the internet using their mobile devices. Therefore, it has become all the more important to make sure that your new web design project is mobile friendly and works very fast across different platforms. Find out how we can speed up your eCommerce website.

The ownership of sites transfers to the site owner on completion of the contract agreement.

Our web design process contains a number of elements that provide sites with basic functionalities. These include the site platform for example WordPress (content management system), the theme builder and required 3rd party plugins to enhance the web design and provide additional features and improve SEO. Premium plugins and custom software systems may require an annual fee to maintain.

Web Design: attractive visuals and a growth in sales.

What should businesses based in Luton look for in terms of website design services:

  • An attractive web design that also offers great functionality and ease of use
  • Captivating photography and visuals offer a glimpse of the kind of services provided by the business
  • Premium web design quality content put together by an efficient copywriter that engages the customers and gives them a good idea about the products and services offered.
  • High-end branding and a striking logo that helps in building the identity of your business in the digital marketing space
  • Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) digital marketing that makes the brand stand out in the highly competitive online space and helps potential customers find it easily on prominent search engines like Google

About Nettonic Ltd - Web Agency

Nettonic is a Web Design and Digital Marketing Company supporting Luton clients and the surrounding areas. With 10 years of relevant professional experience behind us, we have worked tirelessly towards building our reputation as a company that supports different companies and brands based in Luton and nearby areas. Our company boasts of a robust client management system and a team consisting of web designers, developers, SEO/Search Engine Optimisation specialists, branding consultants and digital marketing professionals who are well-equipped at catering to the varying demands of a large client base.

If you wish to speak to us and discuss the possibilities of expanding the online presence of your business on search engines and different digital platforms, then please get in touch with us on 01234 2612385. 

We have marketing campaigns for business websites of all sizes.

Need help? Call our Web Designers support team 01234 261 385