Website Maintenance Service

These are the services we will provide for your WordPress site

With the increase in vulnerabilities and website security breaches, it is important that your WordPress site is correctly maintained. Our 24/7 Monitoring Service provides that total peace of mind.

A website maintenance plan will include tasks such as checking and fixing bugs, removing malware from the site, updating code for current standards, testing out new software or plugins that could improve your website’s performance. It is important to know what you want for your website in order to have a proper maintenance schedule set up.

A Recent WordPress plugin breach allowed hackers to piggyback and create cloaked pages which link to bogus sites selling drugs see


We will take daily full backups of your site and store them securely offsite.


We will monitor your site for uptime and security issues and fix any issues noted.

Crash Recovery

We will get your site back online ASAP in the event of a crash.

Peace Of Mind

The outcome is peace of mind that we are looking after your site.


We will apply updates to plugins, themes and WordPress core as they are released.


Monitoring the efficiency of your websites performance

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